EIGHTYEIGHT canvas diaper bags are designed to be classy, but above all they are super functional. Take a look at some of our convenient design features!

Easy Access: Open Design

We design our bags so that you can quickly and easily reach what you need.

EIGHTYEIGHT Canvas Diaper Bags - Cotí Bag

Organization: Removable Inner Bag

Our Cotí and Nappy bags both have an inner bag that helps keep everything organized. It's removable too, so you can easily clean it.

EIGHTYEIGHY Canvas Diaper Bags - Cotí Bag

Carrying: Removable Shoulder Strap

Our signature Cotí bag comes with a removable shoulder strap. The Nappy bag's strap is adjustable as well.

EIGHTYEIGHT Canvas Diaper Bags - Nappy BagSpace: Pockets

You need space, and our pockets give you plenty of it. Our Nappy bag has 13 pockets total (8 outer ones + inner bag pockets), our Halfmoon bag has 12, and our Cotí bag has 8.

EIGHTYEIGHT Canvas Diaper Bags - Nappy Bag